About the Club

The Cool Kids Club is a safe place to shine in a higher level of living.  Our Oath is our promise & our guide to trying our best each day to  treat ourselves and others with honesty, integrity, most of all love.  The overall mission is to “Stop Bitching and start a Revolution!”  A Revolution..a movement..a group of people who share their life’s experiences, strength & hope to become the change they wish to see in the world! 

The Clubhouse Oath  was inspired and derived from one of my favorite books in the whole world, written by Mr. Don Meguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements and an inspirational quote from Beauty Within that was shared with me years ago by  

 the Oath…The promise… It is the foundation of “The Club!”


Today I will do my best to:

Speak with impeccable word, be a faithful friend,

Not make assumptions

Not take things personally, 

I will not run off with your love, I will celebrate your successes as well as my own.

This is my promise to myself, to you,  & to the world!

Heather, founder of the Cool Kids Clubhouse

How The Club Got Started​

My name is Heather Templin and  my wish for the world is for everyone to keep it simple and to trust that one moment, one day at a time you can be the light you wish to be &  see in the world! I am a proud Virgro, born in Denver Colorado, around 8:30 in the morning on September 14th 1979!  The year I was born one of my favorite Billy Joel songs, “ Just the Way You Are”  won Grammys  for both song and record of the year!  I am a mix of Colorado, Jersey, St. Louis, Florida & Pennsylvania!! I am a lucky girl! My life has been a ride of many highs and many lows filled with gifts of family, friendship, love, heartbreak, fellowship, resentments, forgiveness, and hope!!

When I was a young girl, my sister and I would spend much of our summer vacation with my mother’s family in St. Louis Missouri.  It was there that I was first introduced to fellowship!  According to The Webster’s New World Dictionary, the definition of fellowship is, companionship; a mutual sharing; a group of people with the same interest; an empowerment for the student or scholar doing advanced work! My Aunt is a member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. My cousin, my sister and myself had the privilege to experience the power of fellowship at a young age! We were always around interesting people  hat shared a special sacred bond! I remember the courage, the hope, & the love that was always around! It was also around that time that having an the addiction in my own home life let me experience fellowship again when I became a member of  Alateen!

I have seen and felt how powerful the effects of sharing a bond through fellowship can be! Being a part of a commitment such as a Organized group, Al Anon, AA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,  the Military, Sororities, Societies, Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods, Ulumnie, and Clubs may provide you with security like no other!

That is why I have created “The Cool Kids Club!”  The Club is another opportunity for Connection & Community!! By pledging to the Club Oath,  it is through kindness, honesty, integrity,  & love that we may share a common bond ! Together we can move through mistakes, flaws, fear, pain, & disappointments of being human and move into peace, love, and acceptance of it all.